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Written and digital content

Your law firm has a story and compelling, expertly produced content is the most memorable way to tell it. We’re experienced in harnessing a law firm’s brand identity and amplifying it through how we communicate on its behalf through both the written and spoken word. 

Show of your expertise with interesting, thought provoking and educational written content. Or, tell prospective clients about your recent successes on your website or through PR activity. Your written content is “crawled” by search engines such as Google before they decide how to rank you on their search engine results pages (SERPs). Consequently, it’s vital that your content is produced in a manner that can both be enjoyed by the reader, and crawled by search engines. This is known as search engine optimisation (SEO).  

We can produce you written content including:

  • Website landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Press Releases

We are available to write GDPR compliant written content with a clear call-to-action that subtly sells your services to the reader. We’ll also provide SEO keyword rich text and and fully licenced illustration. With case studies, you choose the candidate and complete a case study template form and we’ll write their compelling story.

Do you want to maximise readership? We can help with that too. Learn more about our social media digital ads service. 

Video content now dominates the finite attention span of people browsing online. Your prospective clients expect to be communicated to in this preferred medium and will more likely resonate with your value proposition if you do. 

Reid & Partners Legal marketing is available to produce online video content or television advertisements from concept to post-production. We’ll work with you to establish the purpose of the video and advise on how to meet the agreed strategic goals. We’ll draft the script and story board for your approval before preparing a detailed shooting day brief for you and your colleagues. Finally, with plan in hand, we’ll engage a vetted videographer in your area who has demonstrated an understanding of professional services videos and source any actors, if required. It’ll be up to you or a colleague to sit in the Director’s chair on shooting day, but your plan will be so comprehensive that you’ll feel like Spielberg.  

Tell the world about your expertise with an interesting, thought provoking and educational podcast. Or, introduce audio case studies into your content strategy. Podcasts are on the rise and more people are consuming them now more than ever. If you believe your law firm has what it takes to keep an audience hooked, we can help. Reid & Partners Legal Marketing is available to advise on podcast topics and brand identity. We can source you the necessary hardware and ensure you know how to use it. When you have an audio file that you’re happy with, we’ll edit it and distribute it to all major Podcast outlets including, but not limited to, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. 

Put your email database to good use with a mass email newsletter campaign designed to cross-sell your other legal services to existing clients and direct traffic back to your website. We are available to create an expertly crafted and professional email campaign that’s inclusive of your written, video and audio content. We can advise on creating and maintaining GDPR compliant mailing lists that are more likely to positively engage with your content.  


We'll research your service area, ideal client and geographic location.


We'll implement the activity.


We'll measure the results to make improvements and provide you with feedback.

Free Consultations

We offer free, no obligation initial consultations.

Professional fees

We adhere to Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) rules on cost transparency. We’re of the opinion that if you have to, then we will too. 

  • £160 per blog post, case study or newsletter. 
  • £80 hourly rate on multi-media content. 
  • Plus costs. (eg. Videographer on-site visit). 
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