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Social Media is your law firm’s voice in the wider world. The challenge for law firms is identifying the correct platforms, knowing how to use them and putting out a consistent message that reinforces their expertise. We are available to create and/or manage your social media channels and put them to work so that your voice gets heard. 

Twitter is a powerful tool and a must have platform if your goal is lots of eyes (impressions) on your content and the ability to comment quickly react to what’s going on in the world. It’s where conversations happen. We can amplify your thought-leadership by way of compelling content whilst growing your following along the way. 

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform with an extremely diverse user base. Potential clients are accustomed to clicking on content and visiting the creators website. We’re available to make sure that content is yours.  

LinkedIn is the go to platform for law firms that specialise in corporate and commercial law. Let us grow your network of potential clients and show business owners and managers why you’re the firm they need in their corner. 

Is your firm outgoing and photogenic? Do you have a beautiful office space or find yourself out on legal adventures? Then Instagram might be a platform for you. We can manage your Instagram account and post your eye-catching videos or images whilst accompanying them with the perfect caption. 

Disclaimer: Instagram requires your team to be outgoing, proactive and not camera shy.  


We'll research your service area, ideal client and geographic location.


We'll implement the activity.


We'll measure the results to make improvements and provide you with feedback.

Free Consultations

We offer free, no obligation initial consultations.

Professional fees

We adhere to Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) rules on cost transparency. We’re of the opinion that if you have to, then we will too. 

  • Starting at £320.
  • Does not include PPC advertising
  • Monthly rolling agreement.
  • 5% discount if you enter a 12 month contract. 
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